Line of Credit Insurance

Credit Life and Disability Insurance on Personal Lines of Credit

Borrow Only as Needed

A line of credit provides the flexibility to fit todays' consumer demands. A line of credit from your credit union enables you to purchase those things you want exactly when you need them. You will be given a pre-approved limit by Access CU, so all you have to do is draw against that.

You draw on a line of credit to enhance your lifestyle. Payment Protection (credit insurance) in connection with your line of credit helps provide dependable protection against the unexpected.*

Life insurance coverage on your line of credit is designed to help reduce or eliminate your outstanding balance in the event of your death, and disability coverage may make your monthly loan payment if you cannot work due to a covered illness or injury.

See your Personal Account Manager for more details about coverage and costs.

*This is a general description and outline only of the line of credit insurance products. Limitations, exclusions and eligibility requirements apply.


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