Mortgage Insurance

Mortgage Life and Disability Insurance

Why Take the Risk?

Chances are, your home is your single greatest investment. In the event of your death or unexpected illness or injury, could you or your family continue to make mortgage payments without affecting the assets you've worked so hard to achieve?

Mortgage Life Insurance is designed for today's homeowner. You simply choose the amount of coverage you desire (not to exceed the amount of your mortgage). In the event of your death, Mortgage Life coverage may help pay off your mortgage.*

Coverage remains in effect throughout the term of your mortgage, for up to 25 years, or to your 75th birthday - whichever comes first.

Mortgage Disability Insurance works in tandem with our Mortgage Life product to deliver maximum protection. Mortgage Disability Insurance, available to credit union members, covers your mortgage payments. The total cost can be considerably less money per day than you probably spend on lunch.

Following the first 60 days of disability, your mortgage payments may be paid up to a maximum of $3,000 per month, with a $72,000 maximum lifetime benefit.*

*This is a general description and outline only of the mortgage insurance products. Limitations, exclusions and eligibility requirements apply to this product. This product may not pay off your mortgage obligation.

Apply for Mortgage Life and Disability Insurance at any time during the mortgage application process or while you have a mortgage.


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