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We're Upgrading to a New Digital Banking Platform

Click below to find out how to prepare for the launch of our new digital banking platform.

Access Credit Union's MemberDirect® Internet banking service, gives you secure, 24-hour online access to your accounts and bill payment services. You can log in to online banking at the right hand side of our website.

Using online banking, you can:

  • Access your account information 24/7
  • Check account balances
  • Obtain account activity for a select account or for all accounts including transaction date, description of transaction, transaction amount, account balance and other transaction details
  • Print statement listings over a 12 month period (shown in 45 day increments)
  • Send e-Transfers
  • Receive Alerts
  • Transfer funds between accounts and memberships (agreement must be signed)
  • Pay bills and view your updated accounts at the same time
  • Add, change or delete bill payment vendors
  • View and print all details on both the front and back of the cheque
  • Check your MasterCard balances

What you need to use online banking

  1. Access to the internet.
  2. A debit card with a Personal Access Code (PAC).
  3. A personal computer with a minimum 800 x 600 display resolution.
  4. A web browser with 128-bit encryption.

Four ways to sign up for online banking

  1. Visit one of our branches to sign up. We’ll give you a Personal Access Code (PAC) right away and you will have immediate access.
  2. Send an email to, telling us you’d like to sign up. Include your name, the account numbers you’d like to register and your phone number. Then we’ll confirm with you when you're ready to start Internet banking.
  3. Call one of our branches and we'll set you up.
  4. Use our online Chat feature on the website and one of our representatives can set you up.

Using online banking

You can access online banking from any page of the Access CU website. The first time you login, an Access Agreement appears. You must read and accept the agreement in order to use the on-line banking features.

When you log in to Access Credit Union Online Banking, you’ll be brought to a separate login page and asked to set up your account with Increased Authentication before proceeding. You won’t be able to sign in to Access Credit Union Online Banking without setting up Increased Authentication.

Increased Authentication Security

STEP 1: Log in by entering your Card Number in the LOGIN ID field and enter your Personal Access Code (PAC).
STEP 2: You will be given a group of security questions. You will have to choose three questions and provide answers for the questions.

By clicking the “Register this computer” box, you can register your personal computer so that we recognize it is you. When you Login from a computer that is not registered, we will ask you one of the 3 security questions just to make sure it is you trying to access your account.

NOTE: You should only register your computer if you are the owner or sole user of the computer (such as your home or personal work computer). DO NOT register a shared work or public computer.

STEP 3: Confirm the security questions you have chosen. At this point, you can edit any of the answers or confirm that you are finished. NOTE: you can change your security questions or answers at any time by clicking on “Profile and Preferences” once logged in.

Member-to-Member Transfer feature

You can transfer funds to another Member’s account at Access CU. First you must sign a Member-to-Member Transfer Agreement giving us the go-ahead to move funds from your account to the other membership.

Bill payment feature

You can use online banking to pay bills and then you can make payments online.

Steps for Easy Bill Payment

  1. Click on the Payments tab at the top of the page.
  2. Click on the Pay From drop down arrow to display all available accounts. Click on the account from which to pay the bill(s).
  3. Under Pay Payee, click the checkbox beside each payee you wish to pay.
  4. Insert the amount.
  5. Click on Continue to proceed with the payment.

After you sign in to online banking, you can make changes to your bill payee list. Click on Manage Bill Payees and then choose Add a New Bill Payee to make changes to your list, or click Delete to remove a payee.


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